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Building Entrepreneurs for massive success!

You want to:

● Undertake, open your own business.

● Achieve your financial freedom, your economic independence.

● Help many people achieve their dreams.

● Buy your own house.

● Grow, consolidate your business.

● Stop being an employee, to dedicate yourself 100% to what you really like, you are passionate about.

● Economic stability for you and your family.

● Improve your quality of life and that of your family.

● Be free, be independent, be your own boss.

● You want to have time for yourself and yours.

● You want to travel when you want, and how you want, without depending on anyone.

If you have identified with any of these circumstances, congratulations, you are in the right place.


Because you can achieve all this by joining Emprendedor University.

And now you will say, Victor, today is the day of unknowns, what is Entrepreneur University?

Well, very simple, a program mentored by me and my team that will allow you to discover all the keys, the systems, the proven formulas, to become an Xpertpreneur, that is, an entrepreneur who knows the way to be successful.

And all this you will achieve even if:

● You have had failures, you feel that you have lost a lot of time, money and efforts, that you tried to undertake before and did not succeed ... calm, calm, it is NOT your fault, you simply did not have the information or the proper guide.

● Be afraid: remember what I have told you about fear…

● You feel that you lack knowledge, that is why you are here, to acquire it, but not from theory, but from practice.

● You lack guidance, clarity, you have lost your way ... precisely for that reason our

program is Mentorized, so that you have the support you need.

● Don't have time, because let me tell you something, we all have the same time, 24 hours a day, the difference is that you still don't know my systems to multiply your time.

In fact, I'm going to teach you to use the time you have, so that you make the most of it, honestly, you will see how your time is going to multiply.

● You lack perseverance, discipline, motivation ... do not worry, at Entrepreneur

University, we are going to help you with a fundamental issue: TheMentality

Xpertpreneur, you are going to change as a person, you are going to become an Xpertpreneur, an entrepreneur with mentality of steel, with a clear guide, with a system that will take you away from doubt, from discouragement, your family, your friends, will hallucinate.

● You live in a country that is not yours: I understand you perfectly, I myself am an emigrant, and I can tell you something ... the only thing that differentiates one successful person from another, it is not their nationality, it is their commitment, are you committed 100% with taking control of your life? If you are, you are in the right place.

● You don't know how to start, don't worry, our systems will give you all the keys on how to do it.

● You lack organization: like 97% of entrepreneurs, don't worry, what you really lack is a System, which is what you will find at Emprendedor University.

Now you may be thinking, OK Victor, great, but what exactly does the program consist of, what am I going to find:

# 1 - Training content for Xpertpreneur (Entrepreneur University Program):

● 30 hours of class and 40 hours of live sessions recorded to which you will have full access.

● 25 study guides and presentations.

● 11 content modules.

# 2 -12 XTOP Sessions (1 per month, for 12 months): Live and online group mentoring sessions to answer specific questions about your business.

# 3 -Xpertpreneurs Interviews: 5 interviews with Xpertpreneurs who have already made their way and who will share all their secrets with you.

# 4 - Real life business result recognition system. (We don't give you a diploma for "knowing" about entrepreneurship theory, but because you made it happen in a real business.)

# 5 - Access for LIFE!

But, apart from all this, let me tell you now something very important:

Emprendedor University is the largest and most complete business education platform in Spanish.

The promise is that you will master the science and art of business in just 3 months.

That, with a couple of hours a week, a monthly live group meeting with me and putting what you have learned into practice, you will become an Xpertpreneur.

It is important to note that this IS NOT THE TYPICAL ONLINE COURSE, where they give you access to some videos and that's it.

But a mentored program, where I myself will solve the doubts you have throughout the process in the monthly meetings.

And because it is a mentored program, I have to tell you that I CANNOT guarantee your place.

We can only serve a very limited number of students.

I'll explain the process…

You have to apply for an admission interview, which has a cost of 50 USD.

And now you will think ... How? How do I have to pay for an interview?

Relax, calm down, these 50 USD are only a deposit that will be returned to you if for any reason you are not admitted or admitted to the Program.

The only reason you would lose this deposit is if you book your interview and don't show up for no good reason.

Book your interview now, become an Xpertpreneur.


Right now you must be thinking… Uffff Victor, it's a lot of information

…… don't worry.

Simply apply to your interview with our team, and during said interview you will be able to consult all your doubts.

The most important thing is that you take action now, and do not miss this opportunity.

Remember that places at Emprendedor University are very limited, and in addition, they will only be open until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, August 10 (Miami time).

Do not hesitate, take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Book your interview NOW.


See you inside!

A hug

¿Are you ready to be a successful entrepreneur?